About Us

We are an international team pioneer in creating platforms for cultural and professional exchange in Leipzig. Our international events provide a stage where internationals and locals can connect, share, and grow together.

Our events extend to job fairs, workshops, language exchanges, sport and lifestyle events… all designed to foster a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

Our expertise lies in not just hosting events, but in knitting together the diverse threads of our community to create a vibrant tapestry of integrated cultures.

about us


We believe in the power of bringing people together, and celebrating diversity as our strength


By connecting internationals with local businesses and communities, we open doors to new possibilities and collaborations


Our events are not just gatherings but incubators for new ideas, fostering a culture of creativity and mutual growth

Elia García Cañabate

Elia García Cañabate

CEO & Founder

Reach out for partnerships, community, and outreach.

Yun Zhao

Yun Zhao


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Elisa Sánchez

Elisa Sánchez

Audiovisual Producer

International Leipzig is a rapidly growing initiative, gaining momentum quickly!

Stay tuned for updates via International Leipzig on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok so you don't miss out on upcoming events!

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